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Personal Training NYC

Lean, fit, flexible and strong - offering

both virtually & on-site training.

Build a better body with a balanced exercise program - at any age!

It is never too late to start.

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I grew up in Australia and always enjoyed running and strength training.  When I came to NYC I became a Certified Personal Trainer because I wanted to help others make a healthy transformation.  Starting an exercise program is the first step in becoming healthy.  It's not about any particular diet, it's about what small changes can you make to have a healthy body for life, and the rest falls into place.  

My mission as a trainer is to help you build a strong body.  To negate the ill-effects of being desk-bound, on a computer, or the excessive wear and tear from business travel.

Our body is our house, and exercise is the foundation to ensure it lasts our lifetime.  Physical exercise is the most empowering decision towards a healthy lifestyle that you make!  

Reach out and I will help you build a better you!

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor

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What I Do

I am a professional, Certified Fitness Trainer.

I design workout programs to help you reach your  health and fitness goals.

These can be in the comfort of your home or gymnasium, or the great outdoor spaces of NYC - we can meet LIVE or VIRTUAL.

Schedule your Physical Assessment Session TODAY.  

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Stay strong during pregnancy & beyond.  Maintain your fitness, reduce your chances of having diastasis by exercising safely during pregnancy.  Each trimester will have more demands, I will help you adjust accordingly.



Functional strength and flexibility at ANY AGE.  The only limitation you have is the one you impose on yourself.  Make a positive change and contact me today.

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Building better bodies with a balanced workout.
If you are always feeling tired it is time to start exercise.  It will energize you to help you power through your day.

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